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Practice TS EAMCET Engineering Free Mock Tests through Freshersnow.com. We have provided TS EAMCET Engineering mock tests in the English language. These TS EAMCET Engineering mock tests are created by subject matter experts.

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Buy All TS EAMCET Engineering Tests @ ₹ 49.00

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180 Days ₹ 49.00 Buy Now

About TS EAMCET Engineering Mock Test

TS EAMCET, also known as Telangana State Engineering, Agriculture, and Medical Common Entrance Test, is a state-level entrance exam conducted every year for students seeking admission to various engineering colleges in Telangana. To help students prepare better for this exam, many coaching institutes and online platforms provide mock tests.

A TS EAMCET Engineering mock test is a practice test designed to simulate the actual exam environment and help students get a feel for the types of questions they can expect. These mock tests cover all the topics and subtopics included in the TS EAMCET Engineering syllabus and are usually timed to give students a sense of how they should manage their time during the actual exam.

TS EAMCET Engineering Mock Test: Overview

Authority Name Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad (JNTUH)
Exam Telangana State Engineering, Agriculture & Medical Common Entrance Test (TS EAMCET)
Level of Exam State Level
Category Mock Tests, Syllabus, and Exam Pattern
Courses offered Engineering, Agricultural & Pharmacy
Selection Process Based on a Written Exam.
Official Website www.tsche.ac.in or eamcet.tsche.ac.in

Important Elements of the TS EAMCET Engineering Mock Test:

TS EAMCET Engineering mock tests can provide you with numerous benefits, including familiarity with the exam pattern, improved time management skills, self-assessment, enhanced exam readiness, confidence building, practice and revision, and benchmarking. It is a valuable tool to complement your overall exam preparation strategy and increase your chances of success in the TS EAMCET Engineering exam.

  • The Mock Tests are available in English language for the candidate's convenience.
  • The performance summary of the mock tests along with the solutions & explanations is also provided at the end of each TS EAMCET Engineering mock test.

Why should you take the TS EAMCET Engineering mock test?

Taking a mock test is an effective way for students to evaluate their preparation and identify their strengths and weaknesses. By practicing these mock tests, students can improve their speed, accuracy, and time management skills, which are crucial for performing well in the actual exam.

The TS EAMCET Engineering mock tests are designed by experienced educators who are well-versed in the exam pattern and syllabus. They ensure that the mock tests are updated regularly and include the latest changes in the exam pattern. The questions in these mock tests are carefully curated to cover all the important concepts, formulae, and theories. Students can take these mock tests online, and most coaching institutes and online platforms offer them for free. The results of the mock tests are usually available immediately after the test, and students can analyze their performance and identify their areas of improvement.

What are the Benefits you will get by taking TS EAMCET Engineering Mock Test?

Acquaintance with Exam Pattern: Mock tests acquaint you with the actual TS EAMCET Engineering exam pattern, allowing you to familiarize yourself with the question types, marking scheme, and overall exam structure. This helps you gain confidence and reduces exam-day nervousness.

Time Management Skills: TS EAMCET Engineering mock tests are timed, helping you practice effective time management skills. You can learn how to apportion your time efficiently among different sections, ensuring that you complete the exam within the stipulated time frame.

Self-Evaluation: Mock tests enable you to evaluate your performance and identify your strengths and weaknesses. You can analyze your errors, review the solutions, and work on improving your weaker areas. This helps you fine-tune your preparation and perform better in the actual exam.

Exam Preparedness: Mock tests help you assess your level of exam preparedness. By attempting mock tests, you can gauge your preparedness and identify any gaps in your knowledge. This allows you to focus on areas that require improvement and enhances your overall readiness for the exam.

Boost in Confidence: Mock tests provide a platform to boost your confidence. By regularly taking mock tests, you can increase your confidence as you become more acquainted with the exam pattern, improve your performance, and achieve a sense of accomplishment. Enhanced confidence translates into better exam performance.

TS EAMCET Engineering Mock Test: Exam Pattern

Subjects Total Number of Questions Total Marks allotted Marking Scheme
Mathematics 80 Questions 80 Marks
  • +1 mark for each correct answer option
  • No negative marking for each incorrect answer option
Physics 40 Questions 40 Marks
Chemistry 40 Questions 40 Marks
Total 160 Questions 160 Marks

TS EAMCET Engineering Mock Test: Syllabus


  • Physical World
  • Units and Measurements
  • Motion in a Straight Line
  • Motion in a Plane
  • Laws of Motion
  • Work, Energy, and Power
  • Systems of Particles and Rotational Motion
  • Oscillations
  • Gravitation
  • Mechanical Properties of Solids
  • Mechanical Properties of Fluids
  • Thermal Properties of Matter
  • Thermodynamics
  • Kinetic Theory
  • Waves
  • Ray Optics and Optical Instruments
  • Wave Optics
  • Electric Charges and Fields
  • Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance
  • Current Electricity
  • Moving Charges and Magnetism
  • Magnetism and Matter
  • Electromagnetic Induction
  • Alternating Current
  • Electromagnetic Waves
  • Dual Nature of Radiation And Matter
  • Atoms
  • Nuclei
  • Semiconductor Electronics: Materials, Devices, and Simple Circuits
  • Communication Systems


  • Atomic Structure
  • Classification of Elements and Periodicity In Properties
  • Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
  • States of Matter: Gases and Liquids
  • Stoichiometry
  • Thermodynamics
  • Chemical Equilibrium and Acids-Bases
  • Hydrogen and Its Compounds
  • The s – Block Elements (Alkali And Alkaline Earth Metals)
  • p- Block Elements Group 13 (Boron Family)
  • p-Block Elements – Group 14 (Carbon Family)
  • Organic Chemistry-Some Basic Principles, Techniques, and Hydrocarbons
  • Solid State
  • Solutions
  • Electrochemistry and Chemical Kinetics:
    Surface Chemistry
  • p-Block Elements
  • d And f Block Elements & Coordination Compounds
  • Biomolecules
  • Haloalkanes and Haloarenes
  • Organic Compounds Containing C, H, and O (Alcohols, Phenols, Ethers, Aldehydes, Ketones, and Carboxylic Acids)
  • Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen


  • Algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Vector Algebra
  • Probability
  • Calculus
  • Coordinate Geometry

TS EAMCET Engineering Mock Test FAQs

1) What are TS EAMCET Engineering mock tests?

TS EAMCET Engineering mock tests are practice exams designed to simulate the actual TS EAMCET Engineering exam. They include questions similar to those asked in the real exam and follow the same exam pattern, allowing candidates to practice and prepare for the actual exam.

2) How can I benefit from taking TS EAMCET Engineering mock tests?
Taking TS EAMCET Engineering mock tests offers several benefits. It helps you become familiar with the exam pattern, practice time management skills, assess your performance, enhance exam readiness, boost your confidence, practice and revise the syllabus, and benchmark your performance against other test-takers. 

3) Is the TS EAMCET Engineering Mock Test free in mocktest.freshersnow.com?

Ans: No, TS EAMCET Engineering Mock Test is paid in mocktest.freshersnow.com

4) How often should I take TS EAMCET Engineering mock tests?

It is recommended to take TS EAMCET Engineering mock tests regularly as part of your exam preparation strategy. You can start with a few mock tests initially and gradually increase the frequency as you progress in your preparation. 

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