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  • APPSC Group 4 Mock Test 2024 | Free Online Test Series in English and Telugu

Practice APPSC Group 4 Free Mock Tests through Freshersnow.com. We have provided  APPSC Group 4 mock tests in the Telugu and English languages. These APPSC Group 4 mock tests are created by subject matter experts.

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About  APPSC Group 4 Mock Test

Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) conducts the Group 4 exam to select candidates for various clerical and non-technical positions in the state government. To prepare for the APPSC Group 4 exam, candidates can take mock tests which simulate the actual exam environment.

APPSC Group 4 mock tests are designed to help candidates assess their level of preparation, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and improve their test-taking skills. These mock tests cover the entire syllabus of the exam, including General Studies, General English, and arithmetic.

APPSC Group 4 Mock Test: Overview

Authority Name Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission
Exam APPSC Group 4
Level of Exam National Level
Category Mock Tests, Syllabus, and Exam Pattern
Posts Name APPSC Group 4 Exam (Junior Assistant)
Selection Process Screening Test and Main Exam
Official Website https://psc.ap.gov.in/

Important Features of the APPSC Group 4 Mock Test:

APPSC Group 4 mock tests are an essential part of the preparation strategy for candidates aspiring to clear the exam. Candidates should take multiple mock tests and analyze their performance to maximize their chances of success. By taking these mock tests, candidates can assess their level of preparation, get familiar with the exam pattern, improve their time management skills, and boost their confidence.

  • The Mock Tests are available in both Telugu and English languages for the candidate's convenience.
  • The performance summary of the mock tests along with the solutions & explanations is also provided at the end of each APPSC Group 4 mock test.

Why should you take the APPSC Group 4 mock test?

Taking mock tests regularly can help candidates improve their time management skills, speed, accuracy, and overall performance. It can also help candidates reduce their exam anxiety and boost their confidence level. Candidates can analyze their performance in the mock tests and work on their weak areas to improve their scores.

APPSC Group 4 mock tests consist of multiple-choice questions, essay-type questions, and other formats. The mock tests aim to provide a real-time experience of the actual exam, including the format, difficulty level, and time constraints. Candidates should aim to complete the mock tests within the stipulated time to get an accurate assessment of their preparation.

What are the Advantages of Taking the APPSC Group 4 Mock Test?

Familiarize yourself with the exam pattern: The APPSC Group 4 mock test is designed to simulate the actual exam pattern, which helps you get a clear idea of the exam structure and format.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses: By taking the mock test, you can identify your strengths and weaknesses. This helps you focus on your weaker areas and improve your performance in those areas.

Improve time management skills: The APPSC Group 4 mock test has a specific time limit, which helps you improve your time management skills. Practicing with the mock test can help you manage your time effectively during the actual exam.

Reduce exam anxiety: By taking the mock test, you can reduce your exam anxiety and build your confidence. The more you practice, the more comfortable you become with the exam format, which reduces your exam stress.

Boost your exam performance: The APPSC Group 4 mock test helps you familiarize yourself with the exam pattern, identify your weaknesses, and improve your time management skills. This ultimately boosts your overall exam performance and increases your chances of success.

APPSC Group 4 Mock Test: Exam Pattern

Name of the Subject Number of Questions/ Number of Marks Time Duration
Paper 1: General Studies & Mental Ability 150 Questions & 150 Marks 150 Minutes
Paper 2: General English & General Telugu (75 marks each & SSC Standard 150 Questions & 150 Marks 150 Minutes
Total Marks: 300

APPSC Group 4 Mock Test: Syllabus


  • Events of national and international importance.
  • Current affairs- international, national, and regional.
  • General Science and its Applications to the Day to day life Contemporary developments in Science & Technology and Information Technology.
  • The social- economic and political history of modern India with emphasis on Andhra Pradesh.
  • Indian polity and governance: constitutional issues, public policy, reforms and e-governance initiatives with specific reference to Andhra Pradesh.
  • Economic development in India since independence with emphasis on Andhra Pradesh.
  • Physical geography of Indian sub-continent and Andhra Pradesh.
  • Disaster management: vulnerability profile, prevention, and mitigation strategies, Application of Remote Sensing and GIS in the assessment of Disaster.
  • Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection
  • Logical reasoning, analytical ability, and data interpretation.
  • Data Analysis:
    a) Tabulation of data
    b) Visual representation of data
    c) Basic data analysis (Summary Statistics such as mean, median, mode, variance and coefficient of variation) and Interpretation
  • Bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh and its Administrative, Economic, Social, Cultural, Political, and Legal implications/ problems.



a) Comprehension
b) Usage and idioms
c) Vocabulary and punctuation
d) Logical re-arrangement of sentences
e) Grammar


a) Synonyms & Vocabulary
b) Grammar
c) Telugu to English meanings
d) English to Telugu meanings
e) Usage and idiom

Syllabus for Computer Proficiency Test

WORD (Part-A)

  • Create and save a document using MS WORD
    • Deletion of Character, Word, line, and block of text
    • Undo and redo the process
    • Moving, Copying, and renaming
  • Format the Text document
    • Character formatting
    • Paragraph formatting
    • Page formatting
  • Spell-check the document
    • Finding and Replacing of text
    • Bookmarks and Searching for a Bookmarks
    • Checking Spelling and Grammar automatically
    • Checking Spelling and Grammar using Dictionary
  • Print the document
    • Print Preview
    • Print Dialog box
  • Mail Merge in Ms-word
    • Create main document and data file for mail merging
    • Merging the files
    • From letters using mail merging
    • Mailing labels using mail merging
  • Table creation in Ms-word
    • Create a table in the document
    • Add row, and column to a table
    • Changing column width and row height.
    • Merge, and split cells of the table.
    • Use formulae in tables.
    • sorting data in a table.
    • formatting a table.
  • Ability to type on Qwerty key board of Computer at a speed of at least equivalent to 30 Words per 1 minute (Lower type writing test).

EXCEL (Part-B)

  • Create and save a new work book in Excel
  • Entering Data into Worksheet
  • Editing data of Worksheet
  • Formatting the text in the cells
  • Formatting the numbers in the cells.
  • Formatting cells.
  • Copying format of cell along with data format.
  • Changing the height and width of cells.
  • Freezing Titles, splitting screen
  • Enter formulae for calculation in the cells.
  • Copying the formula over a range of cells.
  • Inserting built-in functions into the cells.
  • Create graphs for the data using Chart Wizard.
  • Format graphs in Excel.
  • Printing of worksheet.


  • Create and save a new presentation using MS PowerPoint
    • the layout of the opening screen in PowerPoint
    • the toolbars in MS PowerPoint
  • Choose Auto Layout for a new slide.
  • Insert text and pictures into a blank slide.
  • Insert new slides into the presentation.
  • Apply slide transition effects.
  • Slide show.
  • Set animation to text and pictures in a slide
  • Set the sounds, order and timing for animation.


Creation and manipulation of databases


  • Browse the Net using Browser software (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.)
  • Search the Web using Search Engines.
  • Create an E-mail account.
  • Send and receive E-mail.
  • E-commerce transactions.
  • Web content uploading.
  • Ability to operate Mac OS/pages / keynote / Numbers.

APPSC Group 4 Mock Test FAQs

1) What is an APPSC Group 4 mock test?

An APPSC Group 4 mock test is a practice exam that simulates the actual APPSC Group 4 exam. The mock test includes the same pattern, difficulty level, and time duration as the actual exam.

2) How can an APPSC Group 4 mock test help me in my exam preparation?

By taking the mock test, you get a fair idea of the exam pattern, type of questions asked, and time management skills. This helps you prepare better for the actual exam and identify your weaknesses.

3) Is the APPSC Group 4 Mock Test free in mocktest.freshersnow.com?

Ans: No, APPSC Group 4 Mock Test is paid in mocktest.freshersnow.com.

4) Is the APPSC Group 4 mock test the same as the actual exam?

No, the mock test is not the same as the actual exam. However, it simulates the exam environment and helps you get familiarized with the exam pattern and format.

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